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McNeal’s athleticism runs in the genes

Jason Pughe

Updated May 2, 2008...


Bryce McNeal the 6-2, 175 pound wide receiver from Minneapolis, Minnesota comes from an athletic family. McNeal’s step-dad played in the NFL, his dad and uncle were Mr. Basketball in Minnesota, and he’s also related to another NFL player Dominique Byrd. Despite the athletic ties, McNeal gives all the credit to God.

“I take no credit for how successful I am.” McNeal said. “I give it all to God and if it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t be able to be in the situation that I am in. He’s helped me in my life long journey and I give all the credit in the world to Jesus Christ my Savior.”

McNeal holds offers from a number of quality college football programs such as Michigan, Nebraska, Illinois, South Carolina, North Carolina, Minnesota, Iowa, Clemson, Auburn, Michigan State, Arizona, Colorado, Connecticut, and Louisville. Growing up McNeal was a fan of two schools, but despite being a fan he’s not ready to name one of them a leader yet.

“I was a Louisville and Clemson fan growing up,” he said. “I know a couple of the commits for Michigan. I’ve talked to Shavodrick Beaver the quarterback that committed there and also Teric Jones a lot. I talk to those guys a lot and they are really cool. They are doing a good job of recruiting me with the coaches. I don’t really have a #1 school right now. I have a list of five schools right now but I am not releasing them yet. I’m looking to make my decision at the beginning of our football season.”

Last year Michael Floyd was the top wide receiver in Minnesota. He ended up choosing Notre Dame and is one of McNeal’s good friends. Despite their friendship, McNeal says it doesn’t affect his decision.

“Michael Floyd is a good friend of mine; we both train with the same personal trainer,” he said. “Mike’s cool and he’s a good friend but since he went there it doesn’t affect me negatively or positively.”

In addition to Floyd attending Notre Dame, McNeal also has another close friend at the University of Nebraska.

“My team mate Xavier Rucker is playing wide receiver at Nebraska,” he said. “He was kind of my mentor when I was a freshman and he was a senior. I started my freshman year and he took me under his wing.”

So far, McNeal has visited five schools. This month McNeal visits two more schools, including one for the second time.

“I’ve visited Notre Dame, Michigan, Wisconsin, Connecticut, and Nebraska,” McNeal said. “The visits all had their negatives and their positives and they were all different. I can’t honestly say one was better than the other, but there were places where I could see myself there. I am going to Michigan again on the 18th and then to Clemson at the end of the month.”

On the field McNeal prides himself on his route running and his hands. This off-season he plans on working on his strength. McNeal’s favorite player is NFL wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald and he actually grew up five blocks from him. While he gets ready for next season, he is going to visit more schools and look for the things that are really important to him. There a number of colleges that are eagerly awaiting this fall and hoping that McNeal will soon call their campus “home”.

“First and foremost it is academics and I want to find a place that feels like home for me,” he said. “I want find a place where I am comfortable and can have fun. It will be easier for me to work hard and enjoy my time there if I am comfortable. I’m not trying to go too far away from home but not too close either. I’m trying to find a place right in the middle.”
























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