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Submit your testimonial to -"Rivals also intensified its evaluations of Hill after startup site Athlete Vault distributed a highlight tape supplied by Trojans Jimmy Fletcher. In spring 2009, Athlete Vault operator Jason Pughe discovered Hill while breaking down film from the Trojans' 2008 game with Myrtle Beach. Astonished by Hill's playmaking, Pughe phoned Fletcher for additional footage and volunteered to put Hill's video on his upstart website. Within minutes of posting the video, Iowa State, Boston College and Florida contacted Pughe, who has 50 Division I subscribers. Recruiters also bombarded Fletcher with calls. Within two weeks of the initial posting, Hill's number of Division I offers rose from two to 17. He eventually received more than 40, with Fletcher receiving calls from as far as Oregon. "I never thought a web site would make that big of a difference,'' Fletcher said."


"Dalton committed and signed today with Henderson State University, a D-2 in Arkansas. We had a lot of offers on the table this past week, ended up with 12 offers...5 D-2, 3 NAIA and 4 D-3's so we had a bit to choose from eventually. So I wanted to personally THANK YOU for all the help. Could not have done it without you - no way.  I also wanted to thank you for your kindness and personality throughout this whole period."


Bill Hammer

Parent of former Boone HS (FL) Punter Dalton Hammer 



"This letter is to put forth a strong endorsement to the job that Jason Pughe has provided to our Football Department. He takes his job seriously and provides some of the best coverage in his respective states. He is always fully accessible, trustworthy, and is in it to help the kids! His tireless work ethic makes my job easier as he is constantly providing new highlights and discovering great talents. My relationship with him is strong and will continue to subscribe in the forthcoming years."


BCS-Conference Recruiting Coordinator - Note: NCAA coaches are not allowed to formally endorse or promote our service, that is why a name isn't attributed to the above quote



“Jason Pughe and Athletes Vault have been absolutely amazing. In my 20 years of coaching I have had good success placing my kids in college; with Jason’s site we have had 12 kids secure scholarships in the past two years alone. With Jason’s help we send more kids to college than the majority of the AAAA schools in the Columbia area. From All-Americans, like Kenneth Page who played in the Under-Armour All-American game,  to the kids who 99% of the time would never get a look, this site has provided a great tool for coaches and parents to get the exposure most could only dream of. With the help of Jason and his site my kids are seen by every school in the nation, from Div. 1-A’s all the way to D-III and NAIA’s. No gimmicks or hidden costs as most recruiting sites have, just a site created to aid kids in furthering their athletic careers past high school.  As a coach, I don’t know any way better than this to expose my kids to every program in the nation. I call the coach, or send him an e-mail link to my player’s site, and they go directly to his site to see his highlight films and stats.  Jason also does blast e-mails with the links of the player’s site to colleges across the country. My budget for DVD’s, mailing costs, and the amount of time burning DVD’s has been cut by 80%. Jason is amazing and he has helped kids from all over the country, many he has never met, of meeting their dreams of obtaining an athletic scholarship. Jason is amazing and I know many football coaches from across South Carolina are flocking to his site as well as college coaches looking for players.”


Robin H. Bacon

Assistant Coach

Spring Valley High School

Irmo, SC


"Thank you so much for all that you have done for me. I really appreciate the exposure you have provided. Thank you also for taking the time to make my highlight film. I look forward to my future at Gardner Webb. I hope that you have the opportunity to come see us play."


Jacob McQueen 

Class of 2010 OL from South Pointe HS (Rock Hill, SC) that signed with Gardner Webb 



“ has been a great asset to some of our players at West Brunswick High School.  One player in particular was benefited greatly from the publicity this site gave him.  He was injured as a sophomore and missed an entire year of football.  He came into his junior season as a virtual unknown but with great talent and potential.  This young man now has offers from almost every major college in the ACC and SEC as well as other major colleges.  This is all due to the great efforts of and the wonderful job they do in helping young talent get noticed.”


Jimmy Fletcher

Head Football Coach

West Brunswick High School

Shallotte, NC



“Athlete Vault has been an incredible service for my players and my team. Jason worked with me, created the highlights for my players, and sent my players highlights to multiple schools not on my mailing list. By working with Jason, my Charlotte NC players have been exposed to the west coast, Midwest, and the northeast. We have kids playing in Kansas and California, who otherwise would not be playing at all. In addition, he does it for free without making the kids or there parents sign up and pay for anything. He works hard to expose all players at all levels, not just focusing on the major D1 recruits. This is the most valuable free service for football recruiting in the country.”


Assistant Coach Josh Kranish

Independence High School

Charlotte, NC



"We would like to thank Jason on his hard work in putting the site together. We have referred over 50 colleges to the site for player exposure. Within weeks of our players highlights being up on Athlete Vault we were getting calls of colleges interested in recruiting our players. We are located in South Carolina and have had calls from all over the country from a variety of schools ranging from D1 to Jr. Colleges".

Head Coach Bobby Carroll

South Pointe Stallion Football

Rock Hill, SC



“My name is Kevin Roberts.  I am an Assistant Football Coach at Dillon High School in Dillon, SC.  I found Athlete Vault from meeting one of the assistant coaches from one of our opponents this year and I am so glad that I found this site!!  It has improved recruiting tremendously for our kids!!  It makes your job easier.  We don't have the equipment at our school to cut up film and make highlight videos.  All I have to do now is send in film from our season and Athlete Vault makes highlight videos for your kids and they can send the links for the videos to every school you want them to send it to for FREE!!!  Athlete Vault has truly been a Godsend!!  Our 2009 kids benefited tremendously from this site.  This site was how all of the schools that were interested in them found them.  Our 2010 kids are already starting to get some looks from schools also.  I highly recommend this site to anyone who is trying to boost recruiting by getting their kids highlights out to as many schools as possible!!  I thank Jason pretty much everytime I get in contact with him and I am sending him a token of our appreciation from Dillon High School.  Thanks for helping our kids Athlete Vault!!”

Assistant Coach Kevin Roberts

Dillon High School

Dillon, SC



“Jason Pughe has been an excellent resource for our program. Within days of our films being posted, schools were contacting us about our players. He has helped our kids gain major exposure that might not have happened otherwise.”

Assistant Coach Matt Apicella

Lake City High School

Lake City, SC



“The Athlete Vault has become an essential part of the recruiting process for our football players. Instead of taking hours to make DVD after DVD for the college recruiters I can just direct them to the Athlete Vault. It also saves time because I can get the recruiter to look at the highlight immediately instead of waiting a few days for the DVD to show up in the mail and sometimes that DVD sits in a stack with 100 other DVDs. I strongly recommend the Athlete Vault to all coaches looking to help their athletes get to the next level.”

Assistant Coach Bill Bacon

Richland Northeast High School

Columbia, SC



“Jason Pughe and Athlete Vault operate the finest recruiting service I have dealt with in my coaching career.  They truly care about helping young athletes.”


Head Coach Scott Earley

Lexington High School

Lexington, SC



“I've known Jason for close to two years. In that time we've become very good friends. He is very reliable and is always ready to go. When I first met him, I quickly figured out what he is all about. Jason's main goal is to help kids get to the next level. He is doing that with He’s the middleman between the college coaches and the high school students. So far, I would certainly call it a success. I know of many kids that have gotten exposure solely because the coaches were directed to the AthleteVault site, some of which were my own players. It has been a pleasure working with Jason. He knows what he’s doing and he’s passionate about his work. I stand behind AthleteVault 100 percent.”

Assistant Coach Freddie Solomon

Keenan High School

Columbia, SC


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